Do you need a fur or leather jacket to fit you better?

Do you have a rip in your favorite fur or leather garment?

Does the lining or zipper in your fur or leather jacket need to be replaced?

Not only do we tailor leather and fur, we also fix tears, rips, and holes. SewRob works to preserve the integrity of the skin and its characteristics. Leather and fur items are expensive but can deteriorate without the proper care. Make your investment last with our help. Whether it is a family heirloom or a gift, we can help specialize it to become your own or repair it to last for the next generation. Like your own skin, once it has been damaged, there are limitations when it comes to repair. SewRob can be your leather, fur, and suede plastic surgeon and develop the best treatment plan for its sustainability.

SewRob does not offer fur or leather cleaning, but our partner, McCormick Brothers do. For repair, you can always send us the garment with our Repair Worksheet and corresponding Repair Spec Sheet.

Damaged Fur on Jacket Hood

Removal of Damaged Fur

Cutting Replacement Fur

Insertion of New Fur

Custom Jacket with Leather Trim

Custom Jacket – Sleeve Detail

Leather Coat Trim Before

Original Damaged Leather Pull Tab on Winter Coat

Leather Coat Trim After

Leather Replacement on Winter Coat