Garments are tailored at SewRob, not altered. Tailoring maintains the integrity of the design, preserves as much of the fabric as possible, and replicates the original factory finish.

We deconstruct your garment components, re-size them to tailor fit your exact specs as pinned without cutting away your fabric, and reassemble them to look factory finished.

Regardless of the label or the cost of obtaining the item (purchase cost), it is important to factor in utility and end use of the garment when considering tailoring. This is important to determine the type of fit and budget that is appropriate. When purchasing sale items, have an understanding that the work needed to fit the garment to you body does not change, and may not match the purchasing price. The price of acquiring really has no reflection on the amount of work required to tailor fit.

The total price is calculated based on each tailoring operation that must take place to achieve the desired fit. On each garment, there is a charge for each component of the garment that is affected. For example, when the waist of a pant needs to be taken in, the waistband portion is separated from the body, along with any belt loops affected. Tapering is required for the waistband as well as the body of the pant to make sure all components fit together when reassembled. There are charges for the waistband, belt loops, and the body of the pant since they are all affected.

SewRob prefers to work on clean garments. Take notice of any stains before bringing your garment as the stain can be set in as a result of the pressing process in tailoring. It is always best to clean a garment before tailoring, even if it is new. Fabrics do shrink during the cleaning process and this could prevent fit problems in the future.

Please use the price list as a guideline for determining an estimate of cost for the tailoring that you may need. In order to get an accurate total price, please bring the garment to either location for one of our pinning specialists to assess. Consider any linings, closures, foundation, or vents that may be affected in the area of the garment where tailoring is needed as there will be additional charges.

If your garments are pinned by one of SewRob’s pinning specialists, and you decline the work, please be advised that there will be a pinning fee per garment.


Pants are made up of many components. You will need to determine which components are affected to come up with an estimate. For hems, we pin each leg separately, and the heel of the shoe is important.

PANTS - Waist: Straight - W/O Dart or Hip Work: @ CB25.50
PANTS - Waist: Straight - W/O Dart or CB Work: @ HIPS29.50
PANTS - Waist: Straight - Replace or Rotate Waistband46.00
PANTS - Waist: With Extension, (Straight)$20.00
PANTS - Waist: Contour - W/O Dart or Hip Work: @ CB$30.50
PANTS - Waist: Contour - W/O Dart or CB Work: @ HIPS$37.50
PANTS - Waist: Contour - Replace or Rotate Waistband$55.00
PANTS - Waist: With Extension, (Contour)$23.00
PANTS - Waist: Elastic - W/O dart or hip work$34.50
PANTS - W.: Elastic Work: @ HIPS;$34.50
PANTS - Waist: Maternity Elastic Waistband$54.00
PANTS - W.: Maternity 4.0" Wide Elastic to Replace Waistband & Pocket Facing;$56.00
PANTS - Waist: Elastic - Replace Waistband$48.00
PANTS - Waist: Kids Adjustable Elastic Waistband$37.50
PANTS - Waist: Leather @ CB$61.00
PANTS - Waist: Leather @ HIPS$75.00
PANTS - Body Work: Lining - Replace Lining$56.00
PANTS - Body Work: Rise - Thigh/Inseam adjustment$33.00
PANTS - Body Work: Rise - Shorten/Lengthen Rise$40.00
PANTS - Body Work: Rise - Seat$15.00
PANTS - Body Work: Rise - Gusset Inserts (each)$27.50
PANTS - Body Work: Tapering - Hip$17.00
PANTS - Body Work: Tapering - Hip to Knee$25.50
PANTS - Body Work: Tapering - Hip to Calf$30.00
PANTS - Body Work: Tapering - Hip to Hem$45.00
PANTS - Body Work: Tapering - Knee to Hem$31.50
PANTS - Body Work: Tapering - Shift Back Panel to Front Panel$40.50
PANTS - Hem: Straight Stitch (non-denim)$16.00
PANTS - Hem: Blind Hem$18.25
PANTS - Hem: Tape Hem - No Stitching (Leather/Suede)$36.50
PANTS - Hem: Blind Hem (Knit)$36.50
PANTS - Hem: Cover Stitch$23.00
PANTS - Hem: 5-Thread-Cover Stitch$34.50
PANTS - Hem: Cuffing$30.00
PANTS - Hem: W/Side Vent$26.50
PANTS - Hem: W/Back Vent$31.50
PANTS - Hem: With Aging Thread$26.50
PANTS - Hem: with Aging Thread & Sand$33.00
PANTS - Hem: With Aging Thread (Leather/Suede)$53.50
PANTS - Hem: Re-attaching (Denim)$34.50
PANTS - Hem: Re-attaching the Original Hem as 'B FOLD'$34.50
PANTS - Hem: Re-attaching (denim) at the Knee$36.50
PANTS - Hem: Resize Re-attaching Pieces$15.50
PANTS - Hem: Straight Cut of the Hem (No Topstitch)$10.50
PANTS - Hem: Fray and Topstitch$34.50
PANTS - Hem Affected$17.00
PANTS - Lined Garments$8.50
PANTS - Bias Cut, add$21.50
PANTS - Making Facing to Lengthen or add Heel Guard (each)$10.00
PANTS - Double Stitching add$15.50
PANTS - Making Slits/Vents (each)$14.50
PANTS - Zipper (each) Affected by Work @$20.00


Dresses consist of a bodice and a skirt. Dress prices refer to the bodice portion of the dress only. Consider any padding or boning that might be affected. See the Skirt section for skirt taper and hem pricing.

DRESS - To Be Lined (Bodice - Regular)$57.50
DRESS - Padding - Moving @$21.00
DRESS - Padding - Adding @$31.50
Padding: Adj. or Install @$33.50
DRESS - Shoulder- Strap$30.00
DRESS - Shoulder- String$19.00
DRESS - Body Work: Tapering - Center Back$27.00
DRESS - Body Work: Tapering - Center Back into Hip Alignment$55.50
DRESS - Body Work: Tapering - Princess$37.00
DRESS - Body Work: Tapering - Princess to Hip;$59.50
DRESS - Body Work: Tapering - UnderArm/Side Seams$31.00
DRESS - Body Work: Tapering - S.S. through Armhole$39.50
DRESS - Body Work: Tapering - Underarm into Hip (Regular)$55.00
DRESS - Body Work: Tapering - CB into Hem$55.00
DRESS - Body Work: Lift Shoulders With/OUT Sleeves Affected$45.00
DRESS - Body Work: Lift Shoulders With Sleeves Reset$64.50
DRESS - Body Work: Scoop the Underarm (each)$21.50
DRESS - Body Work: Scoop the Neckline$30.00
DRESS - SLVS: Taper - Arm;30.50
DRESS - Bias Cut$23.50
DRESS - Hem Line Affected$22.50
DRESS - Zipper Affected by Work @$24.50
DRESS - Lined (Regular) Garments$8.50
DRESS - Lined (Long) Garments$12.00


Skirts can be made up of many components. You will need to determine which components are affected to come up with an estimate. Regular length hems are skirts that finish at the knee or above. Long hems are skirts that finish below the knee.

SKIRT - Hem: Straight Stitch (regular- 46.0" sweep)$26.00
SKIRT - Hem: Blind Hem Stitch (regular- 46.0" sweep)$34.00
SKIRT - Hem: Straight Stitch: KILT$34.00
SKIRT - Hem: Cover Stitch (Regular- 46.0" sweep)$39.50
SKIRT - Hem: Cut & Merrow (Regular- 46.0" sweep)$15.50
SKIRT - Hem: Reattach the Band (Regular- 46.0" sweep)$73.00
SKIRT - Hem: With Aging Thread (Regular- 46.0" sweep)$32.50
SKIRT - Hem: With Aging Thread (Regular- 46.0" sweep)$34.50
SKIRT - Hem: Self-Hemmed (Regular- 46.0" sweep)$39.50
SKIRT - Hem: Purl Stitch (Regular- 46.0" sweep)$50.50
SKIRT - Hem: Rolled Stitch (Regular- 46.0" sweep)$39.50
SKIRT - Hem: Straight Stitch (Long- 92.0" sweep)$40.50
SKIRT - Hem: Blind Hem Stitch (Long- 92.0" sweep)$51.00
SKIRT - Hem: Cover Stitch (Long- 92.0" sweep)$60.00
SKIRT - Hem: Cut edge, tulle, netting, etc.(Long- 92.0" sweep)$25.00
SKIRT - Hem: Long and full- 92.0" sweep: cut and merrow$41.00
SKIRT - Hem: Reattach the Band (Long- 92.0" sweep)$89.00
SKIRT - Hem: Self-Hemmed (Long- 92.0" sweep)$60.00
SKIRT - Hem: Purl Stitch (Long- 92.0" sweep)$70.50
SKIRT - Hem: Rolled Stitch (Long- 92.0" sweep)$60.00
SKIRT - Waist: Contour - W/O dart or hip work @ CB$30.50
SKIRT - Waist: Contour - W/O dart or cb work @ HIPS$37.50
SKIRT - Waist: Contour - Replace Waistband$54.50
SKIRT - Waist: Elastic - W/O Dart or Hip Work$27.50
SKIRT - Waist: Elastic - Replace Waistband$48.00
SKIRT - Waist: Straight - W/O Dart or Hip Work @ CB$25.50
SKIRT - Waist:Straight, W/O Dart or CB Work @ HIPS$37.50
SKIRT - Waist: Straight - Replace Waistband$47.50
SKIRT - Body Work: Lining - Replace Lining (Short)$54.50
SKIRT - Body Work: Lining - Replace Lining (Long)$95.00
SKIRT - Body Work: Tapering - Hip (Regular)$17.00
SKIRT - Body Work: Tapering - Hip to Knee (Regular)$25.50
SKIRT - Body Work: Tapering - Hip to hem (Regular)$30.50
SKIRT - Body Work: Tapering - CB W/O Vents to Hem$27.00
SKIRT - Body Work: Tapering - Hip (Long)$20.50
SKIRT - Body Work: Tapering- Hip to Knee (Long)$27.50
SKIRT - Body Work: Tapering- Hip to Calf (Long)$33.50
SKIRT - Body Work: Tapering - Hip to Hem (Long)$53.00
SKIRT - Body Work: Tapering - CB to Hem$41.00
SKIRT - Lined Skirt-Regular (46.0" sweep)$8.50
SKIRT - Lined Skirt-Long (92.0" sweep)$12.50
SKIRT - Regular Length - Cut on Bias$23.50
SKIRT - Facing to Lengthen$20.00
SKIRT - Hem Affected$17.00
SKIRT - Regular Length - With Pleats$1.75
SKIRT - Regular Length - With Vent$14.50
SKIRT - With Extension, (Straight), add$20.00
SKIRT - With Extension, (Contour), add$23.00
SKIRT - Zipper affected by work$24.00
GOWN - Bustle$32.50
GOWN - Bustle with Fabric Button & Loop$16.50
GOWN - Bustle with Satin String and Plastic Loop$19.00
GOWN - Bustle with Hook & Thread Loop$14.50
GOWN - Bustle with Double Strings/Tulle$26.50
GOWN - Lining, Netting and Tulle @$26.50
GOWN - Cut on Bias$39.50
LONG Skirt - Making Facing to Lengthen$26.00
LONG Skirt - Hem with Fishtail or Train$27.50
LONG Skirt - With Pleats$2.75
LONG Skirt - With Vent$17.00


Gowns consist of a bodice and a long skirt, typically worn for a formal occasion. See the Dress section for bodice pricing, and the Skirt section for all skirt taper and hem pricing.


Jackets are very stylized tops with many components, foundations, and closures. There are multiple seams that jackets can be tailored through that can affect many components and foundations that may not be visible when looking at the jacket on a surface level . Consider any padding, foundation, vents, or lining that might be affected.

JACKET - Sleeves: Hem - Plain$24.50
JACKET - Sleeves: Hem - With Vent$33.50
JACKET - Sleeves: Hem - With Buttons$38.00
JACKET - Sleeves: Hem - With Vent & Buttons$41.50
JACKET - Sleeves: Hem - With Working Buttonholes$54.50
JACKET - Sleeves: Hem - Shift up to the shoulder$47.50
JACKET - Sleeves: Hem - Reattach Cuff$55.00
JACKET - Sleeves: Tapering - Arm$40.50
JACKETS - Body Work: Hem - Plain$47.50
JACKETS - Body Work: Hem - With Vent$65.00
JACKETS - Body Work: Hem - Plain (Coat)$62.00
JACKETS - Body Work: Hem - With Vent (Coat)$80.00
JACKETS - Body Work: Lining - Replace Lining (Jacket)$146.50
JACKETS - Body Work: Lining - Replace Lining (Coat)$205.00
JACKETS - Body Work: Shoulders - Shift Sleeve up into Shoulder W/O Lining Attached$41.00
JACKETS - Body Work: Shoulders - Shift Sleeve up into Shoulder With Lining Attached$65.00
JACKETS - Body Work: Shoulders - Padding Change- Replace/Shift$33.50
JACKETS - Body Work: Shoulders - Shoulder Seam Lift/Drop W/Sleeve/Lapel Reset (each)$43.00
JACKETS - Body Work: Shoulders- Insert Sleeve-Head Set$43.50
JACKETS - Body Work: Tapering - Center Back$27.00
JACKETS - Body Work: Tapering - C.B. through Collar, not Hem$52.00
JACKETS - Body Work: Tapering - C.B. through Collar and Hem$69.50
JACKETS - Body Work: Tapering - Side Seams$34.00
JACKETS - Body Work: Tapering - Sideseams into Armhole$41.50
JACKETS - Body Work: Tapering - Princess Lines$34.00
JACKETS - Body Work: Tapering - P-Line into Armhole$51.50
JACKETS - Body Work: Tapering - Shift Back up into the Collar$22.50
JACKETS - With vent$23.00
JACKETS - Hem Affected$17.00
JACKETS - Making Facing to Lengthen$25.50
JACKETS - Padding Affected$24.00
JACKETS - Extensions(each)$17.50
JACKETS - Zipper affecting work @$22.00
JACKETS - Lined Garments$12.00
JACKETS - Lined Garments(Coat)$18.00
Padding: Remove and Replace @$33.50
Padding: Adj. or Install @$33.50
Padding: Covered (each)$16.50


Shirts have several components. For sleeve cuffs, the amount of hemming will determine whether the placket needs to be re-attached or if the cuff can simply be re-attached.

SHIRT/TOP - Sleeves: Hem - Straight Stitch$16.00
SHIRT/TOP - Sleeves: Hem - Straight Stitch Rolled$24.00
SHIRT/TOP - Sleeves: Hem - Blind Hem$17.50
SHIRT/TOP - Sleeves: Hem - Cover Stitch$21.50
SHIRT/TOP - Sleeves: Hem - Reattach Cuff / Band$43.00
SHIRT/TOP - Sleeves: Hem - Reattach Cuff With Placket$79.00
SHIRT/TOP - Sleeves: Hem - Shift up to the shoulder$45.00
SHIRT/TOP - Sleeves: Hem - Reattach Cuff with 'B-Fold' Tape$50.50
SHIRT/TOP - SLVS: Hem - Purl Stitch$56.50
SHIRT/TOP - Sleeves: Taper - Arm$30.50
SHIRT/TOP - Body Work: Hem - Straight Stitch$23.50
SHIRT/TOP - Body Work: Hem - Straight Stitch Rolled$33.50
SHIRT/TOP - Body Work.: Hem - Blind Hem$24.00
SHIRT/TOP - Body Work: Hem - Cover Stitch$26.00
SHIRT/TOP - Body Work: Hem - With Side Vent$31.50
SHIRT/TOP - Body Work: Hem - Reattach band @$56.00
SHIRT/TOP - Straps @$30.00
SHIRT/TOP - Thin Straps or Strings @$19.00
SHIRT/TOP - Raglan Shoulder Straps into Sleeve$37.00
SHIRT/TOP - Body Work: Shift the Sleeve into the Shoulder, Taper to -0- at the Mid-Armholes Front & Back$36.50
SHIRT/TOP - Body Work: Taper - Center Back$26.00
SHIRT/TOP - Body Work: Taper - C.B. through Collar$44.00
SHIRT/TOP - Body Work: Center Back W/ Yoke, W/O Collar Affected$32.00
SHIRT/TOP - Body Work: Taper - Sideseams & Underarm$31.00
SHIRT/TOP - Body Work: Taper - S.S. through Armhole$39.50
SHIRT/TOP - Body Work: Taper - Princess Lines$34.00
SHIRT/TOP - Body Work: Shift Sleeve into Shoulder By$40.00
SHIRT/TOP - Body Work: Facing for Lengthening or Backing Hem$21.50
SHIRT/TOP: Hem Affected$17.00
SHIRT/TOP: Lined Garments$8.50
SHIRT/TOP- Vent (each): @$14.50
SHIRT/TOP: Zipper affected$22.50

Knits (Sweaters)

Knitted garments are composed of multiple loops of yarn. SewRob has the capability for some tailoring on knitted garments, including hems and tapers, but we do not have all of the equipment necessary to recreate some of the original finishes.

KNITS - Sleeves: Hem - Blind Hem$22.00
KNITS - Sleeves: Hem - Cover Stitch$25.50
KNITS - Sleeves: Reattach the hem band @$45.00
KNITS - Sleeves: Reattach at Shoulder;$49.00
KNITS - Sleeves: Untie the Knitting... Cast-on-Finish;$71.50
KNITS - Sleeves: Tapering - Arm; Not Affecting Armhole$32.50
KNITS - Sleeves: Tapering - Arm; Affecting Armhole$54.50
KNITS - Body Work: Hem - Blind Hem$26.00
KNITS - Body Work: Hem - Cover Stitch$31.00
KNITS - Body Work: Reattaching the Finish Line @$60.00
KNITS - Body Work: Tapering - Side Seams$37.00
KNITS - Body Work: Tapering Sideseams into the armhole & Tapering Sleeve;$88.00
KNITS - Body Work: Shift Sleeves into Shoulders & Taper the S.S.;$83.50
KNITS - Body Work: Tapering the Center Back through the Collar and the Hem$77.00
KNITS - Body Work: Taking in S.S., Re-fit into Sleeves, & Shift Sleeve into Shoulder, Taper to -0- @ Mid-armhole$60.50
KNITS - Body Work: Tapering - Size Down @$73.00
KNITS - Body Work: Blocking @$39.50
KNITS - Clean up Pilling @$20.00
KNITS - Hem Affected$20.50

Bathing Suit

SewRob works on bathing suits. We consider bathing suit tops as a stylized top with elastic, and the bottoms as a stylized short with elastic. See the Shirt/Top section for pricing on the tops, and the Pants section for pricing on the bottom, specifically the elastic waist charges.


SewRob works on lingerie. See the Shirt/Top section for pricing.


SewRob does work on leather with a limited capacity depending on the thickness. See the Pants section for pricing on hems and waistband work. Other leather garments may be subject to additional charges.

For any leather/suede items that we cannot work on, we urge you to visit Rossi Shoe Service.


Zippers, hook & eyes, snaps, buttons etc…

Button Cost - Special Order, "PLUG" $-
Button Cost - 13L/14L, 1/4", 9mm $1.00
Button Cost - 15L/16L, 5/16", 10mm $1.50
Button Cost - 17L/18L, 3/8", 11mm $2.30
Button Cost - 19L/20L, 1/2", 13mm $3.15
Button Cost - 21L/22L, 9/16", 15mm $3.90
Button Cost - 23L/24L, 5/8", 16mm $4.70
Button Cost - 29L/30L, 3/4", 19mm $5.50
Button Cost - 32L, 13/16", 20mm $6.30
Button Cost - 34L, 7/8", 22mm $7.20
Button Cost - 36L, 15/16", 24mm $8.00
Button Cost - 40L, 1.0", 25mm $8.70
Button Cost - 44L/45L, 1.1/8", 28 mm $9.50
Remove and Replace the Button and Tab @$12.50
Sew Button @$3.25
Sew Button with 1/4" Shank @$5.00
Making Fabric Button @$9.00
Metal Button @$4.25
Button Hole Stitching @$8.50
Functioning Button Hole @$8.50
Hook & Eye: Remove and Replace @$7.25
Hook & Eye: 5/16"@$6.50
Hook & Eye: 3/8" @$7.00
Hook & Eye: 1/2" @$7.80
Hook & Eye: 5/8" & Up @$8.50
Braided Hook & Eye @$11.50
Dog-hook for Fur/Heavy Coat @$22.50
Men's Hook & Loop @$9.00
Men's Hook & Loop(Heavy Duty) @$10.50
Hook & Thread Loop @$10.50
Reverse Hook & Thread Loop @$10.50
Upside Down Hook & Thread Loop @$10.50
Snap: Remove and Replace @$9.00
Snap 3/16" @$8.00
Snap 1/4" @$8.00
Snap 9/32" @$8.50
Snap 5/16" @$8.50
Snap 3/8" @$9.00
Snap 1/2" @$9.00
Snap 5/8" @$9.50
Snap- 13/16" @$9.50
Snap- 7/8" @$10.00Y
Snap- 44L/45L, 1.1/8" @$11.50
Making Fabric Covered Snaps @$10.50
4 Part Metal Snap @$10.50
Plastic Snap 3/16" to 3/8" @$6.75
Plastic Snap 1/2" to 1.1/8" @$9.00
Zipper Cost - Special Order, "PLUG"$-
Zipper Cost - Plastic Molded or Coiled, #3 Long Plastic$6.00
Zipper Cost - Plain Zipper, #3 Short Plastic$2.75
Zipper Cost - Plain Zipper, #3 Short Metal$2.75
Zipper Cost - Jean Zipper, #5 Short Metal$4.25
Zipper Cost - Invisible Zipper, #3 Short$4.25
Zipper Cost - Invisible Zipper, #3 Long$6.25
Zipper Cost - Jacket Zipper, Plastic Separating$11.50
Zipper Cost - Jacket Zipper, Metal Separating$15.50
Zipper Cost - Jacket Zipper, 2-Way$20.50
Zipper Cost - Invisible Zipper, #5 Bridal$23.50
Zipper Cost - Invisible Separating Zipper$24.50
Zipper Work: Plain, Skirts @$23.00
Zipper Work: Plain, Pants/Slacks @$31.50
Zipper Work: Plain, Jeans/active-wear @$41.50
Zipper Work: Invisible @$31.50
Zipper Work: Separating @$48.00
Zipper Work: Separating Invisible @$54.00
Zipper Work: Slider - Replace @$15.50
Zipper Work: Stopper (each) @$5.75
Zipper Work: Repair Zipper-end @$13.50

Belt Loops

Belt Loop: Make (each) @$10.50
Belt Loop: Sew (each) @$3.25
Belt Loop: Remove (each) @$3.75
Belt Loop: Remove & Resew (each) @$5.75


Shirt Collar Stays (pair): 2.0" long$3.25
Shirt Collar Stays (pair): 2.1/2" long$3.25
Shirt Collar Stays (pair): 3.0" long$3..25
Boning to be inserted (each) @$16.00
Boning: Remove and Replace (each) @$13.00
Under Wire (each)$11.50

Bra Solutions

Holders, Anchors, Pads, Underwire

Bra Strap AdjustersÉSize #2 (each) @$8.00
Bra Anchor using Boning @$9.00
Bra Strap Holder (each) @$6.75
Bra Strap Holders: Remove and Replace (each) @$5.25
Underwire (each)$11.50
White Molded Bust Shield- BC$22.50
White Molded Bust Shield- D-DD$22.50
Nude Bravo Breast Form: For Post Mastectomy Comfort Wear$46.00
Bravo Ultra Shaper: Push up and side$24.50
Bravo Triangle Ultra Shaper: For Push up and inward$24.50
Bravo Shaper Plus$21.50
Bravo Triangle Bikini Shaper$17.50
Bravo Triangle Plus$20.00
Bravo Demi Push-Up$16.50
Bravo Half Pad Push-Up$16.50
Bravo Full Push-Up$17.50
Bravo Double Shaper: Natural Padding for Fuller Effect$18.50
Bravo Soft Shaper: Subtle Padding for Fuller Effect$15.50


Pockets: Closing (each) @$6.25
Pockets: Removing (each) @$9.50
Pockets: Re-Set Welt Pocket in Jacket/Coat/Pant @$51.50
Pockets: To Re-set Pocket (pair) into Dress/Pants/Skirt @$26.00
Pockets: To Remove and Re-set Pocket and Pocket Bag (each) into Dress/Pants/Skirt @$26.00
Pockets: To Replace or Add Pocket Extensions into Dress/Pants/Skirt (pair) @$28.00
Pockets: To be opened$1.50


Dart (Long): (0-12.0") @$10.00
Dart (Regular): (0-4.1/2") @$7.00
Dart (Short): (0-2.1/2") @$4.50
Fish-Eye dart @$11.00
Hip Adj. Curve dart: t/i per waist and taper to -0- at 2.1/2" below the waistband$6.50
Stitch Length: 0" - 2" @$3.00
Stitch Length: 2" - 6" @$5.50
Stitch Length: 6"to 12" @$7.50
Stitch Length: 12" increments @$9.50
Chain Stitch Tacking @$7.50
Tacking @$3.00
Top Stitching (each) @$8.50
Rolled Stitch: 12.0" Increments @$11.00
Double Stitching @$13.00


Fuse for Stretch Hem: cut fuse double the HA + 1/2", Qty 1, for every 10" :$4.00
Fuse Strips, 1/2" wide, each seam: Qty 1, for every 10.0" :$3.25
Fuse Strips, 1.0" wide, each seam: Qty 1, for every 10.0" :$3.75
Fuse Strips, 1.1/2" wide, each seam: Qty 1, for every 10.0" :$4.25
Fuse Strips, 2.0" wide, each seam: Qty 1, for every 10.0" :$4.50
Fuse Strips, 3.0" wide, each seam: Qty 1, for every 10.0" :$5.25
Fuse Strips, 4.0" wide, each seam: Qty 1, for every 10.0" :$6.50
Fuse patches (Large Panels) Used for TIME Jobs...Woven Fuse$19.00
Fuse patches (Small = 1X1)...Patch It$4.25
Fuse patches (Medium = 3X3)...Patch It$8.50
Fuse patches (Large = 6X6)...Patch It$12.50
Fuse Patch (Small = 1x1)...Woven$2.25
Fuse Patch (Medium = 3x3)...Woven$4.75
Fuse Patch (Large = 6x6)...Woven$6.50
Elbow Patches (Large = 6X6)$12.50

Darning-Denim Hole Repair

Our denim repair is a 2 part process. Part 1 is selecting the proper patch for the hole, and part 2 is the darning process. See Fuse/Patches and Darning sections.

Darning, Filling with fabric direction (Small = 1x1)$9.50
Darning, Filling with fabric direction (Medium = 3x3)$19.00
Darning, Filling with Fabric direction (Large = 6x6)$28.00
Darning Around (Small = 1x1)$5.50
Darning Around (Medium = 3x3)$9.50
Darning Around (Large = 6x6)$15.50
Darning Around (Elbow Patches)$15.50
Reinforcing Large Panel (by TIME)$64.50

Knit and Woven Hole Repair

SewRob can perform a wide range of repairs. Set prices cannot be determined for all repairs.

Woven Holes (by TIME)$64.50
Knitted Holes (by TIME)$64.50
Jersey Holes T-Shirt Material (by TIME)$64.50
Leather Holes (by TIME)$64.50

In-House Cleaning

In-House Press ONLY- (by TIME)$41.00
In-House Cleaning- (by TIME)$41.00
In-House: Pressing & Handling$9.50
In-House Launder and Dry:$12.50

Out-of-House Cleaning

SewRob works with McCormick Brothers Dry Cleaning. SewRob will send your pieces to McCormick Brothers, for a handling fee per item. Alternately, you can work directly with McCormick Brothers by setting up your own account, and forgo the handling fee. For any specialty items that you would like to have assessed, there is a consultation fee.

Out-of-House Consulting:$58.50
Out-of-House: DC-Monitoring & Handling$4.75
Out-of-House: DC-Monitoring & Handling: Vintage$10.50
Out-of-House: DC-Monitoring & Handling: Gown: NOT Wedding$16.00
Out-of-House: DC-Monitoring & Handling: Wedding Gown$26.50

Miscellaneous Charges and Fees

Punching holes in materials$1.75
Access into the body @$22.50
Bias Cut$16.50
Facing Insertion @ ea.$10.50
Side Vent/Slit (each) @$14.50
Delivery Charge: Within 3.5 Miles$10.50
Delivery Charge: Within 3.5-7 Miles$20.50
Draw Garment indicating all Finished measurements and Tailoring measurements to be used on Future Garments;$41.00
House Call85.00
Body Measurements for Custom Design$32.00
Body Measurements for Ordering Tux/ Bridesmaid$9.50
White Buckeye Pique Communion Dress 2016$132.65
American Girl Doll: Rosemont Communion Dress White Buckeye Pique$96.50
American Girl Doll: Rosemont Plaid School Uniform$96.50
Pinning Fee: Client is declining the work$12.00
Preparatory Fee (previously worked on by non-SewRob)$17.00
Storage Fee: Per Month after 60 days of the date Notice of Completion.
Prepping and Packaging for Shipment$36.50

Timed Hourly Rates

Operations that cannot be set-priced.

Baste for Fitting (by TIME)$35.00
Beading/Sequins Work (by TIME)$82.00
Consultation (by TIME)$82.00
Cutting, Fabric or Pattern (by TIME)$35.00
In-House Press ONLY (by TIME)$38.50
In-House Cleaning (by TIME)$38.50
Miscellaneous work per design (by TIME)$82.00
Miscellaneous work per request (by TIME)$60.00
Pattern Design (by TIME)$50.00
Reconstruction (by TIME)$60.00
Redesigning Per Request (by TIME)$82.00
Request to Research (by TIME)$84.50
Sewing & Finishing (by TIME)$60.00
Sewing for Sample Fitting (by TIME)$35.00
Sketching for Design or Custom Making (by TIME)$82.00

Overtime/Rush Fee Rates

Rush Fees/Overtime rates are determined by production volume per piece.

Overtime Fee: Earlier than the Scheduled Due Date #2$35.00
Overtime Fee: Earlier than the Scheduled Due Date #1$25.00
Overtime Fee: Rush Delivery$55.00
Overtime Fee: Gown$100.00

Material Costs

Padding cost (each)$10.50
Fabric to be Purchased: Per Yard$-
Fabric-Lining: Thin, Per Yard$14.50
Fabric-Lining: Thick, Per Yard$19.00
Fabric-Lining: Bemberg, Per Yard$20.50
Large Gown Garment Bag$25.50
Large Muslin/Undyed Cotton Garment Bag 62.0" Long$29.00
X-Large Muslin/Undyed Cotton Garment Bag 70.0" Long$37.00
Moth Bags: Sweater 14X18$3.75
Moth Bags: Sweater 18X20$4.95
Moth Bags: Garment Bag 42X24X3$5.95
Moth Bags: Garment Bag 62X24X3$7.50
Moth Bags: Garment Bag 72X24X3$8.50
Moth Bags: Small #1418$3.75
Moth Bags: Large #1820$4.95